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Our Equine Sanctuary

Heaven Can Wait is committed to providing our rescued equine residents a safe haven where they do not starve, are not neglected, do not go without medical care, someplace where they are safe from abuse and from ever having to face great suffering and untimely death. We act on the belief that these noble animals, which we have relied on for so long for our own survival, deserve to live in comfort, safety and good health until their days are done.

We also run Project HoPE, which involves volunteers guiding cancer patients and survivors as well as special needs individuals through a variety of meaningful activities with gentle horses.

Only through education and awareness can we all improve the quality of life for all equines. Cruelty and neglect should never be acceptable options.


Our Equines Need Your Help


Breed: Warmblood   Age: 28

Frankie was once a dressage show horse who became “too old” to perform any longer. Read More »

Beatrice - Adopted!

Breed: Miniature Donkey   Age: 20+
Rescued: 2008 - Neglect

All one has to do is to look at her “before” picture to understand why she is here at HCW. Read More »


Breed: Thoroughbred   Age: 15
Rescued: 2007 - Injured ex-jumper

GRYPHON, a 7-year old Thoroughbred, had a bone chip removed from his hock. Read More »

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