Heaven Can Wait

Our Equine Sanctuary

Freedom from abuse, neglect and abandonment.

Heaven Can Wait is committed to providing our rescued equine residents a safe haven where they do not starve, or go without medical care. Someplace where they are safe from abuse, neglect and from ever having to face great suffering and untimely death. We act on the belief that these noble animals, which we have relied on for so long for our own survival, deserve to live in comfort, safety and good health until their days are done. They are loving, emotional and wonderful friends and do not deserve what happens to them.

Hundreds of unwanted horses are often found abandoned, starving, and neglected because they are no longer of value. Others are unfortunately given no time to be rescued and many are sent to auction where they could be purchased and then sold again for slaughter. No horse, donkey or pony should ever have to go through that terrifying, cruel and inhumane process. They are smart and kindhearted and should never have to endure such inhumane treatment. That is why Heaven Can Wait exists... to keep these magnificent creatures safe to live out their lives with dignity, and with care.