Cash Donation

We use your generous donations to buy the food, medical attention, shelter, hoof care and equipment to take care of the equines. The work of cleaning, property maintenance, grooming and socializing the animals is done by us and our loyal volunteers. The work of hosting visitors and helping them achieve the most they can is done by teachers, volunteers and board members without compensation in any way from HCW.

Please choose your tax-deductible donation amount.










Friends of Heaven Can Wait

Our Friends contribute to the work we are doing at the Sanctuary keeping our wonderful residents happy and healthy and providing community programs to a wide range of kids, special needs participants, cancer patients and survivors. Join now and with a small gesture make a big difference.

Monthly Member
$15.00 per month

Annual Member
$150.00 per year

Sponsor an Equine

You can sponsor all of the equines collectively or choose to sponsor one specific equine here at Heaven Can Wait.

One Month

Three Months

Six Months

Twelve Months

Should you decide to sponsor an equine, either for yourself, or as a gift for a horse lover who has everything, you will receive a certificate of sponsorship with a picture of and the opportunity to come visit and spend some time with the sponsored equine.

Your tax-deductible contribution will help Heaven Can Wait meet your financial needs to maintain the equines in the best health and environment they richly deserve.

Please also consider volunteering your time.

The following is a list of items and their costs to give you an idea of what it costs financially to care for our horses each month:

  • Hay, senior feed, supplements and bedding per equine, per year: $1,400.00
  • Hoof trim for one equine every 8 weeks: $45.00
  • Front shoes for therapeutic purposes per equine every 8 weeks: $100.00
  • A dental check/floating per equine at least once if not twice a year: $80.00
  • Yearly vaccines per equine: $150.00