Mr. Zimmerman

Breed: Arabian   Age: 28

Rescued: 2010 - Starved through neglect


This is "Mr Zimmerman," a 25+ year old horse we are trying to save - he was starved through neglect and ignorance when other horses chased him away from communal meals and nobody did anything about it...Hoping we can bring him through.

Mr Z was fostered for a brief time and his veterinary care is expected to be substantial, but his eyes are clear, his ears are alert, his legs and feet are fine, he is gentle and sweet and he deserves something better than dying of hunger.

As soon as we saw what a sweetheart Mr Z was and that he could be lightly ridden, we knew we could begin using him for our Tuesday Something to Smile About group as part of their horse-assisted therapeutic activities each week.

Mr Zimmerman passed on Aug. 10, 2015.

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