Breed: Quarter Horse   Age: 29

Rescued: 2012 - Age and bad knees


Reba was rescued by a young lady who found out that caring for an elderly horse is not easy and quite expensive. Reba is 28+ years old and was found through Craig’s List at a horse facility where there were numerous emaciated horses that were not receiving any care. Fortunately, that horse facility is now closed and Reba was being taken care of by the young lady who rescued her from that place. She is sweet and kind, loves to be groomed and bathed. Because of her age, arthritis and  popped knees, she can only be walked and minimally trotted. Another story of an older horse, not wanted by the original owner and not useable except as a therapy horse here at Heaven Can Wait. As the new school year begins and the kids come back, we are confident she will do fine in her new job.

Reba passed on Oct. 24, 2016.

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