Breed: Mustang   Age: 24

Rescued: 2006 - Death of owner


On August 26th, 2013, we lost another; Rusty our one and only Mustang who had lived here for many years. He had a spinal injury that, even though there was medical intervention, we could not fix him. He was the horse of all horses as all Mustangs are. He had a spirit and energy that beckoned to everyone who walked through our gates. His presence was majestic and proud which could not be ignored. He was very unique and will carry with him pieces of many hearts. Go with God, Rusty. We will miss you.

Original Story

RUSTY was adopted on his third go around by a very compassionate woman fearing that, if she did not, he could have had a terrible end to his life. Unfortunately, Rusty’s original rescuer had an untimely death.  Heaven Can Wait was chosen to continue his rescue and provide him the life he richly deserves. We are proud that we were chosen, and are very happy that he is here to live out his life in safety and with love.

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