Breed: Quarter Horse   Age: 20


Bubbles made her trip to Heaven today, April 3, 2008. Something ruptured before our eyes and she was euthanized as soon as our veterinarian could arrive to do so. It is so hard to watch an animal die; we felt so helpless and yet there really was nothing we could do. She wasn't alone though. I, the Founder was with her, and so was her best friend, Cody. He stood above her and said his goodbyes upon her death. She had a very regal air about her since the day she arrived. She was a very classy horse and that will never be forgotten. God Speed, Bubbles. We were honored to have you here and will always miss the regal and kind spirit with which you lived your life.

Original Story

BUBBLES, A 20-year-old Quarter Horse, came up lame one day. Without even the benefit of having x-rays done to find out why she was lame (could have been nothing more than a stone bruise), her owner was going to have her “put to sleep” and move on to get another horse that was not lame. Bubbles has ringbone for which she is being treated with proper shoeing. She is no longer lame and plays in the pastures of Heaven Can Wait with the other horses.

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