- Neglected


As soon as Chili got off the trailer, we knew that we were on the most uphill battle we had yet to climb. We, Chili included, did our best, successfully, to heal all the old and new abscesses he had. He was actually willing to walk and did so comfortably for a few days. We were all so excited that he was going to make it; unfortunately though, that excitement was soon replaced by reality. Poor Chili had been neglected for so long that for every step we took forward he would take 10 steps back. We no longer wanted him to suffer and he was sent to heaven knowing, at least, that he had good nourishment, love, attention and medical care the last couple of months he had left in life. He had many supporters for whom we are most grateful. Neighbors and volunteers alike would give him his physical therapy - the walks he needed to regain the strength in his muscles. He was bathed, groomed and felt the touch of more caring hands than any of the other equines at HCW during that time. God speed, Chili. Although your time with us was short, you were much loved and taught us just how bad long-term neglect could become. Love from everyone whose life you touched.

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