Breed: Thoroughbred   Age: 22


CODY was found starving in a cramped, garbage-ridden backyard in Simi Valley, CA. His previous owner “just did not care and did not want him anymore”, and did nothing to find him a home where he would be wanted. She just neglected him.

Cody passed away very suddenly on February 6, 2009, most probably from an aneurysm that stopped the big guy literally in his tracks. Cody was a wonderful Sanctuary resident who was always happy to be groomed and bathed by any of our guests and visitors. Cody, though, lost his best friend Bubbles in April of 2008. He stood over her while she died and stood in front of her empty stall for weeks after she was gone. Cody never reconnected with another horse like he had with Bubbles. He tried with another mare but never received back from her what he wanted. He was just one of the herd instead of a mare’s best man. Unfortunately he had to die, but he is with Bubbles again in Heaven running side by side with angels on their backs. We miss you Cody and always will.

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