Breed: Arabian Gelding   Age: 22


TRIBUTE TO MY MOM’S “DREAM” 5/14/88 – 1/3/2011 by Kitt Jenae

On that sunny Monday morning an urgent call summoned HCW’s veterinarian for Dream. His condition urged options be carefully explored and weighed as the process of diagnostic tests stretched out. Flickering promises played erratically on emotions as heavy doses of rubs, scratches, and caresses were doled out. Stark reality landed, nothing could reverse the emerged diagnosis. Teetering emotions plummeted into grief’s abyss.

As the 20 years of having Dream had drifted by the evoked image of owning a live carousel horse became more distinct. This quality mingled with his desire for human attention and strokes evoked a magical magnetism that attracted roaming eyes around like bees to honey. He basked in feeling special under attentions as individuals reaped the same feelings in return. Over the years he racked up more fans than I can count. I kid you not!

Back in 1991 Dream was carefully selected as a 3-year-old. His beauty was such that he would keep my Mom's eyes off my horses (this had been a problem until Dream!). In addition, I knew his pedigree spelled out a disposition that with training should keep my Mom safe. He outdid both jobs and gave so much more than expected working his charm the whole time! Last July HCW graciously agreed to accept him as my Mom at age 79 could no longer keep him. Dream quickly embedded himself into their hearts. He excelled in that calling as well, over and above anyone’s expectations. God only knows why he was not allowed to continue his special retirement role that he filled so very well.

Life is truly a miraculous thing and death is incomprehensibly final. There are never enough nor adequate ways to say a ‘forever goodbye’.

Not long after purchasing Dream I consistently derived the sense that he would have liked the ability to be a literal ‘pocket pony’ enabling him to be consistently close to the humans he loved. Now he is a true pocket pony, tucked for life and living in very special pockets of all those hearts he enchanted.


Original Story This beautiful Arabian gelding is named Dream. And he and his owner have a touching story to share. His owner is on in years herself now, but she has had Dream since he was a greenbroke 2 year old over 20 years ago; they are very close. Dream’s boarding stable is closing down, his owner (who started the excellent Ride Nipomo horse club) was unable to continue maintaining him for economic and medical reasons, and she was finding it impossible to deal with the stress of her beloved horse going to someone who wouldn’t care for and respect him as she had. A not unjustified fear in today’s economy.

Ride Nipomo had been ready to take on Dream’s boarding costs as a thank you for his owner’s lifelong commitment to helping others, but that was not going to stop the stable closing down. Desperate, Dream’s owner was suffering over her limited choices. Her friends came to her rescue by contacting Heaven Can Wait.

It is our privilege to welcome Dream to his forever home, where his affectionate, pet-like nature and soundness to ride make him a natural for our work with the autism spectrum, cancer community and youth literacy. And his lifelong champion will be able to visit him, see him in his safe surroundings and know peace of mind herself from now on.

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