Age: 20+


JR., well over 20 years of age and whom we consider to be our "poster horse," was found as a rack of bones barely able to walk because his muscles had atrophied so badly from malnutrition and who had barely any teeth from lack of proper care. The owner just couldn't afford to feed him and his friend, nor provide for them the necessary veterinary care. His friend had to be put down - it was too late for him. JR., though, made it to Heaven Can Wait where he lived, fat, happy and running with the other horses, He is a very good example of the many horses that are bought by the "uninformed and misguided human" and end up abandoned or neglected because the humans realize they neither have the time, knowledge, nor the money to properly take care of a horse.

After spending almost 3 years here enjoying the remainder of his life, he made his journey to Heaven in May of 2005. He was one of he most stoic horses we have ever known and was a true gentleman. He is deeply missed.

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