Miss Chili

Breed: Miniature Horse   Age: 12


On January 18, 2012, only 5 days after we lost Faith, we lost our sweet and adorable mama mini Chili, leaving behind a very upset son, Ortega. For whatever reason today was her day we will never know. She trotted out of her stall, went to roll in the DG pile and quietly passed away. I guess we wish that for all of the loved ones in our life….a peaceful end when they decide it is time. God Speed little girl. Your son and all of the children who had the pleasure of spending time with you will miss you greatly. So will I.


Original Story
Chili, referred to as Miss Chili, and her son, Ortega, could not be separated and needed a new home. To keep them together and keep them safe, Heaven Can Wait received them into our Sanctuary to be our little ambassadors. They are charming and adorable and each child and many adults find them just the right size for their first experience with and/or introduction to an equine. Chili and Ortega are in need of a sponsor- Sponsorships are the foundation of the financial support for the life time care of all the equines at Heaven Can Wait.

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