Breed: Standard Donkey   Age: 16+


On February 16th, we lost another. A very, very special donkey, Missy. Everyone loved her and this is the hardest In Memorial I have had to write. Missy was used for roping for many years. She arrived here with many injuries inflicted upon her by those who think donkeys are not equines. Oh, but they are. She had a right rear leg that was, essentially rendered useless, and the remnants of broken ribs were discovered during a treatment by a massage therapist. In spite of it all and the deep sadness everyone saw in her eyes, she was loving, sweet as could be, stoic and brave beyond any human would be after the torture that was inflicted upon her. My most precious memory of her was when the shared a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and cheese Doritos with my husband. He was working the field on a tractor, stopped to have the lunch I prepared for him, Missy went up to the tractor and because her head was level with my husband’s lap, she took it upon herself to share his lunch. If only I had had a camera with me at the time. What eventually cost Missy her life was probably a result of her past, but No we don’t know that for sure but it is a safe assumption. Her right front leg became paralyzed because of the damage done to a nerve. She could no longer stand on her own. It was her time to go to Heaven and be with, believe it or not, her best friend, Faith a horse, who had passed just weeks before. How we miss her. Her loss tugs at me everyday. Heaven Can Wait is just not quite the same without her.


Original Story
MISSY was picked up in Sacramento over Labor Day Weekend, 2005. She was being advertised as a “free donkey”. As the e-mails continued and questions answered, she became a rescue instead. We learned that Missy had been a roping donkey”; a donkey used for roping practice. Because of the severity of injuries to her stifle and knee, she will never be ridden. Missy is in need of a sponsor- Sponsorships are the foundation of the financial support for the life long care of all the equines at Heaven Can Wait.

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