New York

Breed: Thoroughbred   Age: 20+


NEW YORK, has a very simple and far too familiar story. He has been sold “as is” probably more times than we know….moved from training barn to training barn, from new owner to new owner. Finally, upon the onset of arthritis and becoming no longer useful as a jumper, no one wanted New York or to care for him. His owners turned their backs on him and went on to purchase a new horse. He will live out his life at Heaven Can Wait.

New York had a tragic accident that, in essence, practically severed a hoof from a leg. He had stitches where he could and bandages and diligent care where he could not. It was one of those accidents that was not witnessed so we will never know what actually happened; but he was, we thought, going to heal and go on. After a month of positive improvement, he took a big slide backwards on Friday, May 28th. An x-ray disclosed a bone chip that was causing a secondary infection. Although that infection was treated aggressively, it did not go away and, unfortunately, was very, very close to the fetlock joint. Surgery to remove the bone chip was now the only option with a 50/50 chance that there was possible damage to the joint; therefore, a 50/50 chance of continued life with much pain. Due to his age and the odds, it was decided it was the right thing to send him to Heaven on June 1, 2010. He was a long-time resident here and his dignified presence will be sorely missed. We love you New York and you will never be forgotten.

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