Breed: Thoroughbred   Age: 8


At about 9:45 a.m. on this last day of 2010, Princeton (aka “The Cag”) made his way to Heaven because of a broken tibia. Although he was at HCW for a short time, his charming personality and good looks will be missed. His life was not an easy one from the get go as he failed on the track and then failed at Polo. Unfortunately, during his time at either or both disciplines, he injured his hocks and became a horse that would never be considered sound. We are so very sorry that he could not have had more happy time with his friends here at Heaven Can Wait. God Speed Princeton. We are glad we shared even a short part of your life.

PRINCETON (AKA "The Cag"), an 8-year-old Thoroughbred, is a Great Grandson to the great Seattle Slew. Having raced 7 times and never placing, he was sent on his way to a Polo trainer. Having failed in that event as well, he was put aside and neglected. Eventually, he was bought by a young lady who found him very thin, not groomed for a long time, and with very bad feet. She went on to bring him back to health and began to ride him with the hope of doing dressage. Unfortunately, having not been told by the Polo trainer that he had hock issues from the track, Princeton consistently came up lame and that is when she discovered the hocks needed either surgery or constant injections; both of which are very costly and not guaranteed. So, he came to Heaven Can Wait to join the other race horses that have no other choice than to be retired from all other use. He is very handsome and is another example of the plight of Thoroughbreds bred for racing but are unsuccessful or become injured. Princeton is in need of sponsors – Sponsorships are the foundation of the financial support for the life time care of all the equines at Heaven Can Wait.

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