Breed: Quarter Horse   Age: 20+


Today, September 7, 2012 at approximately 1:00 p.m. Rolo, one of the most remarkable horses one could ever want to meet, was sent to Heaven. Rolo came here 7 years ago with the worst case of navicular any veterinarian had ever seen. The fact that he stayed comfortable and with us for so long was due in large part to his unbelievable will to live a life he probably never knew in his past. His therapeutic shoeing was changed many times over the course of time because of the changes created by the disease itself. One would watch in wonder as he trotted off each time he was reshod. The farriers and, of course, the veterinarian behind all the creative ways to keep him comfortable, would stand in awe to watch him move around ever so gallantly and with such inner strength and fortitude. We knew he was never totally pain free, but his attitude always made one think he was, until today. He was truly amazing and ever so stoic. He will be missed by many.


Original Story
ROLO arrived from the same YMCA summer riding camp as Ruby (see in memorium). Suffering from Navicular Disease and without the benefit of medical treatment or proper shoes and pads, Rolo was expected to do the same work as the others, but with one difference….he was lame much of the time. It wasn’t until he literally became a three-legged horse and of no use to the camp that we were able to bring him home to Heaven Can Wait. It has been almost 4 years since that day we picked him up. Rolo may never be ridden again, but at least he is living the life he certainly earned. Rolo is in need of a sponsor- Sponsorships are the foundation of the financial support for the life time care of all the equines at Heaven Can Wait.

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