Horse owners, anxious to rid themselves of their horses, erroneously convince themselves that summer riding camps for kids are the ideal place for their horses to “retire.” Depending on the camp, the prospects of a possible tax deduction for their “donation” seals the deal for these irresponsible owners: Not only do they think their horse go to a “great place where they will be teaching kids how to ride,” but they have rid themselves of a responsibility that had turned into a burden.

So the camps get these horses for free, or next to nothing, and they are taken away from their homes to teach kids how to ride by going around and around in circles in an arena, or by taking the kids on trail rides - often in the blazing summer heat. But, once the summer is over, and because these same hard-working horses are no longer creating revenue and, for whatever reason, might not be worthy enough for continued care until the next summer crowd… they are disposed of at horse auctions.

Sale at auction - that was to be Ruby’s and Tootsie’s fate. Fortunately, we were able to stop these horses from making that terrible journey and they are here, living their lives as they should… receiving all the love and respect we can give them.

Ruby, the last of the original 3 rescues that began the existence of Heaven Can Wait, lost her battle with Pigeon Fever on Sunday, November 11th, 2007. Ruby was very special to us. She arrived here very distrusting of humans and herself because of many years of abuse. She left Heaven Can Wait quite the opposite - she had learned to love and trust again. We are very proud of her transformation and the strength she had to make it. We love you Ruby and you will never be forgotten.

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