Breed: Thoroughbred   Age: 20+


SHERMAN, a Thoroughbred in his early twenties was once a successful Training Level event horse. His last owner had leased him out before she moved to New York to get married. Upon a return visit to the area, she was astonished at the condition she found him in….very emaciated and neglected. She asked her former Pony Club if they would take him in and they did. Unfortunately, they had not been told that Sherman had again injured a tendon that prevented him from ever jumping again. No one at the Pony Club wanted a horse that could not jump and there was no room for a “rescue.” He came to Heaven Can Wait, still about 500 pounds underweight, to be loved and taken care of for the rest of his life. He is our “gentle giant”. We are glad he has become a member of our family.

Sherman, our "Gentle Giant" came to Heaven Can Wait in December of 2006. He survived having 50+ lbs of sand removed from his gut (ingested in the depth of his hunger), a back that resembled a roller coaster track, sore legs and a systemic infection and he did it with gentleness and greatness of heart. On Saturday, January 24th, 2009, it was his time to be released from this life, but never from our memory. God speed, Sherman. We love you and your gentle and loving nature will be very much missed.

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