Presidents’ Day, Monday, February 21, 2011, was not a good day at Heaven Can Wait. We lost 2 horses within less than 24 hours from each other. The first to die of a natural cause, there was not a sign of trauma on him or the ground, was IMA TOP LEAGUER (affectionately referred to as Sport) a true gentle giant loved by one and all. He arrived at HCW saved from euthanasia by a true friend of his who wanted more for this grand horse. He arrived with a body that showed the wear and tear of many years on the show circuit, his ribs were prominent, he could not put weight on all four legs and he was not a very happy horse. He left here, although way before we ever expected, looking as he should – the world champion show horse he was. It was our honor to bring him back to the stature he deserved. His huge size and as big a heart leaves a huge hole in our hearts. God Speed Sport. If only you could have stayed with us longer.


Original Story
Sport (Registered Name IMA Top Leaguer), a hard worked show horse who won close to $85,000.00 during his show career (becoming the third highest money earning nominated foal in the AQHA Incentive Fund) was retired by his aged owners. As the economy worsened the owners could no longer afford the board let alone the cost of supplements and care needed for an older horse so the decision was made to humanely euthanize him. Sport had won the hearts of all who knew him and the thought of ending his precious life was not an option. Sport’s story and connections to the Central Coast and to HCW Founder Susan Schwartz made it a necessity to re-home him at a sanctuary where he could be properly cared for. He arrived at the Sanctuary on March 20th and is thriving in his new environment. He is regaining some of his weight through proper supplementation, his massage therapy is being donated by Jackie Iddings of Wind Rider Therapies and he is learning, slowly, how to be just a horse in a herd; a far cry from the years of competition. Something special about this horse is his huge and loving heart. This horse will capture you the moment you meet him. His large body may need ongoing massage therapy and good nutrition, and his hooves will need new shoes, but his affection for everyone and his gentle demeanor will never change.

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